I foster real life transformations.


“Working with Monique has changed my life.

Before I was working with Monique, I was moving through my life from a place of fear and worrying about what people’s expectations were of me. I have now moved to a place of listening to and trusting my highest self.

As a result, I have found so much more satisfaction, contentment, and success. I learned how so many of my fears have really just been projections… Now love has come so easily into my life in the past year since we’ve dug into our work. My career has been doing really well since working with her.

Through working with Monique, I’ve been able to identify these fears and let go of them and trust the universe. So overall I think I have found a transition from fear into trust and a deeper connection to my highest self and my spiritual being. I can’t recommend working with her enough.”

- Grace Mattingly



“Monique is one of the gems in my life right now.

Monique can sense what you need and support you right where you are…. in a way that I think is unmatched.

I’ve had talk therapy before, but with Monique there is a light that goes off. It comes together in a unique way that helps you to… grasp hold and become a creator of your life instead of just a survivor in your life.

One of the biggest things I’ve been able to accomplish is that I have been able to step back and see things in a way that I have not had in the past with other therapists and other people that I talked with.It’s priceless to me.

I highly HIGHLY recommend Monique. Her blend of talk therapy + astrology + her life experience + her understanding of spirituality and the world is unmatched. It’s like none other. You will find it nowhere else.”

- Raheem Kashan



“Thank you for doing this work!

Thank you Monique for guiding me through your Moon Manifestation work. My first moon natal chart was fun, illuminating, powerful, healing and reassuring. 

Through the work via your Moon Manifestation System, I have been able to go deeper in my healing journey. Today I released what felt like a centuries old trauma, anger, hurt from my childhood. 

I am understanding in new ways what it means to forgive. I was able to forgive myself and other with more ease. You are a beautiful magical healing goddess sorceress!

Thank you for putting your heart and soul into your work. You are amazing! I am so touched and inspired by your energy, glow, passion, and mission on this earth plane. You are such a blessing for us all who know you.

May you all be abundantly blessed with good health and everything you may need to continue with your magic healing work. May you always be and stay brave, strong, self loving, self forgiving, courageous, adventurous, curious, wise, joyful, focused and loving the world unconditionally and infinitely. May you continue doing to be aligned our higher selves and purpose, we need you. Thank you for your service.”

- Luz Schreiber

“I have really grown so much under the guidance and support of Monique.

She shares insightful information whenever she’s interpreting my astrology… The moon readings helped me get focused on what I need to manifest. She’s phenomenal. I started in January of 2018 and I’m still going…

I encourage anyone who’s thinking about [working with Monique] to just do it. You’re in good hands. She’s passionate and she loves what she does. I’m thankful for her and her service.”

- Tiffany Alade