I do this work because I've seen people change patterns that have kept them stuck for years.



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You’re in the perfect space to find the next best steps toward creating a life perfectly suited for you.

Life is changing beneath your feet and you’re not exactly sure what to do in order to feel better, happy and alive. You may not know exactly what type of support you are needing but you know the world you’re currently in doesn’t feel good. Maybe you’ve experienced one disappointment after another in romantic relationships. Or maybe you’re still struggling from a childhood event that left you feeling isolated or traumatized. You could also be feeling like you’re not exactly sure how to pinpoint what exactly is feeling off, and you’re in need of a higher perspective from someone neutral and experienced.

Sound familiar?

Life is meant to be difficult sometimes. It’s the difficulties that invite us into vulnerability and self reflection, if we allow. It’s the obstacles that refine and push us into being who were meant to be. Let me support you in becoming your most knowledgeable, healed, trauma-free self.

Become someone who lives life on their terms and does the internal work to match the external joy.


Through your Moon Manifestation System, I have been able to go deeper in my healing journey. I am understanding in new ways what it means to forgive. I was able to forgive myself and other with more ease. Thank you for doing this work!
— Luz Schreiber
Working with Monique has changed my life. I have found so much more satisfaction, contentment, and success. I can’t recommend working with her enough.
— Grace Mattingly
Monique can sense what you need and support you right where you are. I highly HIGHLY recommend Monique. Her blend of talk therapy + astrology + her life experience + her understanding of spirituality and the world is unmatched. It’s like none other. You will find it nowhere else.
— Raheem Kashan

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Join me and walk toward a new day.


Let’s work together and build and new reality for you out of your deepest desires and dreams. Your dreams are your birthright. Let’s remove the painful experiences, beliefs and conditioning that keeps you stuck.



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