Monique Ruffin is an author, blogger, astrologer, coach and radio show host. Her entire life is dedicated to transformation from the inside out.

Ruffin was raised by her paternal grandmother in Watts during the flood of crack cocaine in the nineteen eighties. She witnessed the breakdown of her community and family as many African-Americans did during those tragic years.

Under the watchful eye and love of her grandmother, Ruffin was educated outside of her community due to busing and was sent to college on the East Coast at Howard University. When she completed college,

Ruffin returned to Los Angeles where she studied metaphysical studies, getting her practitioner license at Agape Institute. Upon completing Agapes spiritual program, Ruffin thrust herself into the rigorist master degree program at the University of Santa Monica, where she received a degree in Spiritual psychology.

Today Ruffin is busy writing each day, preparing for her radio show, being with her lovely son and discovering new paths to expansion and love. Her mission is to unite the spiritual and secular worlds by offer tools that help each person evolve.

You can find Ruffin at the beach, her local farmers market or howling at the moon when she’s not working or with her son Zion.Type your paragraph here.

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